Mini-NDN Real-time Metric Collection and Visualization

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Mini-NDN Real-time Metric Collection and Visualization

Project Plan

Connecting localhost to virtual network

Create veth pair from host machine to statistics node in network

Connect stat node to every other node in network

for node in network:
    addLink(statNode, node)

Collecting status from each node

  • Statistics node periodically requests nfd-status from each node in network
  • Statistics node writes HTML file to Home directory (e.g., /tmp/stats/status/nodeName.html)

Statistics Web Server

  • Localhost serves directory under /tmp/stats/ which includes static index.html that links to each status/nodeName.html
stats python -m SimpleHTTPServer 80 &


  • The status of each node can be loaded from the /tmp/stats/status/ folder in the format $NODE_NAME.html where $NODE_NAME is the Mini-NDN name of the node.
  • The bandwidth map is accessible through a web server running on the statistics collection node; the bandwidth server runs on port 8080