Accepted Hacks for 2nd NDN Hackthon

These are the accepted proposals for the 2nd NDN Hackathon. Attendees will pick a proposals to work on at the begenning of the Hackathon. After voting, proposals with only one participant will be removed and the participant will be able pick another project.

  1. Logging Facility in ndn-cxx

    Junxiao Shi, Davide Pesavento, Spyridon Mastorakis, Minsheng Zhang

  2. NDNLPv2 Wireshark Dissector led by Junxiao Shi

  3. Mini-NDN Real-time Interaction GUI

    Vince Lehman, Andrea Tosatto

  4. Micro forwarder Firefox add-on

    Jeff Thompson, Wentao Shang, Muktadir Chowdhury

  5. End-to-End performance testing of ndnĀ­sci application led by Chengyu Fan

  6. OSX Binary Release with NFD Control Center

    Alex Afanasyev (UCLA), Eric Newberry (The University of Arizona), Susmit Shannigrahi (Colorado State University), Yingdi Yu (UCLA)

  7. NFD-android auto-configuration

    Pedro Soares (Universidade Fedara de Para - UFPA), Pedro Batista (Universidade Fedara de Para - UFPA)

  8. NDNFit-NFN integration

    Haitao Zhang, Christopher Scherb, Claudio Marxer, Zhehao Wang, Tang Liang

  9. NDN-RTC congestion control

    Klaus Schneider (University of Arizona), Hila Abraham (Washington University of St. Loius), Giulio Grassi (University of Pierre et Marie Curie), Chengyu Fan (Colorado State University), Peter Gusev (REMAP)