2nd NDN Hackathon Participant Guide

Action Items BEFORE the Hackathon

  • Please email your GitHub ID to 2nd-ndn-hackathon@named-data.net. We will create a GitHub repository for your project under the hackathon organization.

  • Connect Gitter to your repository

    Gitter is a chatroom that can be associated with your GitHub repository. This should help you and your team share information. Gitter has a number of nice features like GitHub markdown support.

  • Create web page explaining project at 2nd-ndn-hackathon.named-data.net/<project-name> using GitHub Pages.

Action Items DURING the Hackathon

  • Hack!

    Focus on proof of concept and demonstrating feasibility rather than polish.

    Note that documentation and tutorial projects should include running example code.

  • Update your web page


    • team members
    • problem statement(s)
    • approach(es)
    • what does and does not work
    • future TODOs, and opportunities for future collaboration.

    Documentation projects should describe the initial state, what kinds changes were made (e.g., how-tos guides, enhanced code comments, improved developer guides, etc.).

  • Present your project to the panel of judges

    We encourage every team member to present their contribution. Projects will be judged on the content of their project, web page, and presentation.